Updating Your Website? Use Corporate Video


When you are updating your website, corporate video can provide your business with a number of different advantages. By using corporate video, a brand can tell their story in a compelling manner and if you are planning on updating your website, be sure to read on and learn more about all of the benefits that corporate video has to offer.

Showcasing Your Business

Corporate videos allow us to market our business in a fun way. Showcasing all of the attributes of your business in a manner that places the focus on the product is a great method for getting your name out there. A well made video removes the high pressure sales tactics that tend to turn most consumers off and no slick Hollywood production values are needed. When a video focuses on how the goods or services will be used and ditches the usual hype, it reminds the viewer of why they should invest in your company in the first place.

Telling Full Stories

A brand’s main objective should be to tell their story in an interesting or humorous manner. Even the smallest businesses can benefit greatly from corporate videos, as a well made video is able to provide insight into how their product is used, without any sort of commercial constraints. When you rely on television advertisement, you are limited to 30 seconds, while a video gives you the opportunity to tell your story in a more lengthy manner. Corporate videos remove all of the limitations and while you can make the clip as long as you want, it is best to remain concise.

Search Engine Optimization

Now that most consumers use their smartphone or laptop to make their purchasing decisions, a corporate video is necessary, for a variety of reasons. Search engine optimization is all about placing your company in the eyesight of as many viewers as possible and search engines tend to favor informative videos when it comes to placement in an organic search. A quality video that offers necessary solutions for browsers will always achieve a high search engine ranking and increase engagement.

Easy On The Eyes

The modern client responds best to visual stimulation. Watching videos online is much easier than reading and far more enjoyable. Asking the consumer to read is an outdated strategy and companies that utilize corporate video are making the task of learning more about their business much simple for a prospective customer. Watching a video does not require the same level of effort as reading, is much easier on the eyes and gives the viewer total control. Giving viewers the chance to absorb content in an effortless manner increases conversion rates and allows you to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Corporate videos offer viewers the chance to view a company’s goods and services in real life contexts, which serves to increase brand awareness. When you are updating your website, providing a well crafted corporate video allows the consumer to feel as if they have already experienced your products, even those who have yet to make a purchase. By crafting a video with distinct and vivid imagery, you make your company stand out in the consumer’s mind, long after their first viewing. This increases brand awareness and also leads to positive word of mouth.

Added Social Media Engagement

Companies that continue to invest in the creation of well made corporate videos are able to increase their level of engagement on social media, as their viewers are far more likely to share their clips with friends and family. Compelling videos lead to further commentary about your business and also serve to stoke the fires of curiosity. Videos essentially serve as a free form of advertisement, especially when they inspire the viewer to share them with those who are unfamiliar with your company. Getting the viewer to handle your marketing responsibilities for you is a major key to success.