Some Of The Top Web Hosting Companies

Video by Kim K
There are a lot of top web hosts to choose from. However, it is important to have a look at the reviews and find the best company that going to be most suitable for what you are looking for. Everyone is looking for something different.

A beginner may be looking for something basic with more support. A more advanced developer will need to look for one of the top hosting companies that provides them with more space, for example.

GoDaddy is one of the top web hosting companies that helps developers keep track of a lot of websites. This is good for people who have clients to look after. The Cpanel is well organized, so you won’t become frustrated looking around for various domains. It is also easy for people who want to purchase domains and sell them.

Bluehost has become popular over the years because of the support that they offer as well as the fact that they are less expensive. You will find in amongst the top web hosting reviews that this company always stands out as one of the frontrunners. Compared to GoDaddy, most people find that the support is superior with phone calls, chat and email contact.

HostGator also stands out amongst one of the top 10 web hosting companies. There are different packages and plans that are offered that will suit both the beginner as well as the more advanced developer. There are one click installs with things like wordpress which help set up your site or blog easily and without frustrations. If you are having problems with an area, support will help you with live chat. The staff are well trained and will get onto these issues in a couple of minutes. They are more expensive than Bluehost, but it may suit people who have lot of websites to play around with.

FatCow have received some good reviews as a top rated web hosting company. However, in recent times, they have not offered much support and many of their users have looked to other companies. However, this depends on what you are looking for because the beginner may be happy with this company. A developer may find that that the interface is not as superior as something like GoDaddy or BlueHost.

There are free top hosting providers which make the list and you could benefit from this if you just want to set up a simple blog. However, this is not for everyone. The saying goes, you pay for what you get. A lot of these hosts won’t charge you a lot and it may be in your best interest to spend a few extra dollars on something that won’t cause frustrations.

In saying that, Wix is something that has grown over time and it is free as well. It is superior to Webs, according to what many people say in the cnet hosting reviews. It may be something worth considering for someone who wants to set up something basic, such as a promotional page or a small blog.