Video review: Godaddy

Here is a video review of Godaddy hosting

Video by Full Frame Productions
GoDaddy makes its buck by selling, managing, and distributing domain names. The company is big and they appear to have gotten into hosting as a necessary side business to provide the “complete suite” of services so they can get a piece of the business although the hosting area is not their main focus nor does not appear that they spent a lot of time and money in developing software that does hosting or selecting the best personnel to write the programs and manage the hosting. Check out other Godaddy reviews to make sure they’re the hosting company for you.

The site will chat with you about setting up a domain name but interestingly GoDaddy will not chat with you about setting up a hosting service or any problem you have with the hosting service the company provides. You have to call and wait in line for help and calling is country specific.

Hosting prices at GoDaddy are advertised as cheap but they are really expensive based on the number of pages you get, the ease of building a website, the help you can get, ad the amount of bandwidth and storage you have.

At present, GoDaddy is offering specials on their hosting services that range from $4.99 per month to $7.99 per month. The differences between the low priced spread and the high priced spread include one website to unlimited sites, 100 gigabytes to unlimited storage, and 100 email addresses to 1,000 email addresses. The “ultimate” package also has a very restrictive guarantee on customer data security and search site ranking bonuses. The Linux model has two times the speed guarantee but only for Linux.

The thing about GoDaddy that may really frustrate you when setting up web hosting is that you have to search the whole site to get all the details. You get the same thing when you install their control panel. There is so much stuff on the control panel that is not customizable or controllable by the user that you just know you are getting things that you will never use and never have the time to learn to use.

The site offers a security advantage in DNS for a small extra fee but the validity of security claims is somewhat misrepresented by the fact that GoDaddy has suffered one huge hack and even claims that no security is fool proof in their ad for their hosting service.

One of the advantages of GoDaddy and possibly a disadvantage is that you do not have to download the control panel to create, change, or maintain your web site. This can be a distinct advantage for people that run their business from their phone but it does open the door for anyone to get your customer data for free.

GoDaddy provides a lot of minimally useful perks for their web hosting including ad “freebies” on Yelp, Bing, Google, and a few European services. The value is not really that valuable.

GoDaddy guarantees 99.9 percent up time but provides no proof of the claim. No customer complaints are reported on the sites blog so possibly the claim is justified. The company definitely has the money and facilities to keep you running all the time.

The site does offer a host of options that will fit any business. You really need to know what you want and how to do it. The site development tools are basic and simplistic. The shared service will not support Java. Cloud service depends on whether you pay a set price or a price for use. The rates for both are a bit higher than other cloud services.

GoDaddy works for web hosting but you can find better. The company did not seem interested enough to do the full job even though they certainly have the financial resources to do web hosting like it should be done. If you buy it you pay because GoDaddy has no money back guarantee of any kind.